The symptoms and treatment of phobias.

Symptoms and signs of a phobia can range from mild (only a small sense of fear and anxiety) to sudden uncontrollable attacks of unbridled panic, yelling and crying.

It is known that, the closer one is to the source of their fears, the stronger symptoms.

Physical symptoms of phobias

Of course, the fear manifested in physical symptoms, so the body tries to protect itself. To such manifestations concern:

· palpitations,

· difficulty breathing,

· pain or tightness in the chest,

· cramps of the extremities or whole body

· dizziness,

· abdominal pain,

· sweating,

· tingling in the extremities,

· dry mouth.

Psychological symptoms of phobias

Well, you can’t do without psychological manifestations of phobias. These include:

· the immediate desire to escape from the source of anxiety disorders,

· loss of self-control,

· feelings of powerlessness.

· irrational behavior,

· fear for themselves,

· a feeling of proximity to the borders of madness.

Treatment of phobias

The good news is that phobias can be cured. There are many ways to get rid of completely or partially unfounded fears of the human psyche.

To understand and fully realize their phobias need to do first and most important step to healing. You should try to start with the so-called self-help. This study of the application of relaxation techniques that can be used in an emergency.

Knowledge of relaxation techniques can be obtained from a range of books, CDs and DVDs, or directly from a specialist. There is a special group in which to deepen their knowledge and skills to remain calm and control your fear. Try face to face with his phobia, the key to success cannot be avoided, and to overcome phobias!

Slowly tame your fears, you can convince yourself that the phobia does not have to be scary and overwhelming that you can deal with it easily. Of course, depending on the severity and nature of a phobia a person suffering from it, the time for complete cure can be longer or shorter.

However, you should not dwell only on this treatment. If the phobia is so strong, and you understand that you will not be able to cope with it go to a good therapist. With psychotherapy, the therapist can help the patient realize the irrationality of his fears and fully replace them.

Available on the pharmaceutical market and various pharmacological tools that can help in the treatment. Good and natural medicine, is associated with the human psyche and emotions (this may be a conversation).

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