Stress and reaction of our organism is the human condition – it’s important to know!

The sweat secreted during physical exertion – is the most common aqueous solution consisting of aqueous salts and organic substances.

So what causes the odor?

Scientists have set a goal to find out what actually is the cause of the smell of sweat?

The sweat that appears on our body in the heat or during physical exercise, absolutely has no odor.

But don’t relax, because if you neglect your own hygiene, bad smell will be felt.

When the moisture mixes with skin cells and lipids, it becomes extremely favorable environment for bacteria, and after some time an unpleasant smell begins to emerge.

But, it has been proven that there is a completely different form of sweat. He declares himself an unpleasant “aroma” instantly.

This sweat occurs in situations when a person feels stress. No matter the excitement caused by positive or negative emotions.

Unfortunately, this type of pot is almost impossible to control.

American research center an experiment was conducted in which subjects solved complex problems, the difference between the two groups was that some volunteers were under the influence of thermal odor, and others under stress then.

In this experiment, the scientists found that the second, the subjects coped with their tasks more successfully.

It is important to understand that stress in our lives is inevitable, so the only possibility to struggle with an unpleasant odor is the use of a good deodorant.

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