Social anxiety in children

What is social phobia in children? How is it displayed? What causes contribute to this? Social anxiety is a disease and it starts in childhood. In other words social phobia is the fear of society. There is evidence that up to 45 % of cases social phobia is manifested before the age of 10 years, and 94% to 18.

For the first time, social anxiety can manifest in children of school age, the school the child is faced with such a thing as “your” and “alien”, and to adapt to the circumstances, not everyone can.

Due to anxiety roughly 45% of children suffering from social anxiety refuse to attend school, go out and walk with their peers, too shy to eat with others. If there is a disease, it can very devastating consequences in adult life if the child never learns to interact with society.

If a child suffers from social anxiety and feel fear in this situation, what psychologists call such problems are socially significant. Here is an example, the situation when it is necessary to answer at lessons, to communicate with adults and peers, students are required to make a presentation at seminars.

At work it is difficult to hold meetings, meetings, chat with the chief. Buses will not disappear from views and not dexterity. It gets so difficult to pick up the phone and talk.

Very often the child who is among a large number of people, begins the heart beat, sweating, headache, really want to drink. There are children who turn red and complain of abdominal pain, stutter.

Social anxiety causes

Let’s face it. To begin with, what problem will analyze from the point of view of psychology. It begins with the first months of a child’s life.

It was found that children suffering from this disease in infancy has received little love, care from their parents. It was proved that the mother for the baby not the only one that cares, feeds, and is the personification of the whole world.

Dear mommy, I know you are all very tired, but coming home in the evening, pay attention to the child. Talk to him, hug and caress him. A child needs to feel that he needed the dearest person in the world. This emotional exchange necessary for him.

If the child gets a little love from mom, he becomes anxious and restless. The world around seemed hostile. It’s safe to assume that at this point formed the future social phobia.

The situation is similar when the child is given early in the nursery or kindergarten. Child is experiencing severe stress. The kid is very difficult to survive the moment of parting with my mother, the result is the fear that the society can take it.

How to deal with social anxiety

Most importantly, you need to approach this problem calmly. If the child does not want to go to school, doesn’t want to communicate with other people, you do not need to worry and threats.

It is better to go with the child to consult a child psychologist. After all, such behavior may not be associated with shyness and individuality, and all can be much more serious.

How to treat social anxiety?

Treatment of this problem is six months, as a rule, it is integrated with the use of psychotherapy and psychotropic drugs. Can you to calm down and to say, modern medicine is not formed according to the child.

Parents need to be patient, to cooperate with the doctor and then the questions about social anxiety you’ll have. Take care of your child, pay more attention to him, hug him, walk with him and then he will grow up a productive member of society.

What is social phobia in children? What is social anxiety? Social anxiety is a disease and it starts in childhood. In other words social phobia is the fear of society.

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