Psychotic depression. How does psychotic depression.

Psychotic depression is a severe form of depression, which is characterized by bouts of psychosis. Psychosis are hallucinations, disorientation, and other types of unreality of perception of reality. This form of depression inherent in every fourth patient, who was hospitalized with acute depression.

Based on the definition given by the National Institute of mental health, the person who suffers from psychosis loses the ability to perceive reality. Such people can hear different voices, they are overwhelmed by obsessive thoughts about the fact that their thoughts can all read. Often, these patients imagine themselves to be the President or some other influential person.

Such people can get angry in no discernible reason. They love spending a lot of time alone, sleeping by day and awake at night. They are unimportant its appearance, they can be a long time not to wash and to walk in the same clothes. Conversation with such people is impossible to maintain, because they say incoherent sentences and nonsense.

The only bout of psychotic depression increases the risk of bipolar disorder, and repeated the same attack or psychotic depression, delusions of grandeur, and even the possibility of a suicide attempt.

Symptoms of psychotic depression

– increased nervousness;

– excessive restlessness;

– fear of anything;

– insomnia;

mental failure;

– laziness;

– psychosis.

Treatment of psychotic depression

As a rule, a man dying of psychotic depression, hospitalitynet, and the necessary treatment is prescribed directly in the clinic. This patient present before the constant supervision of doctors. In order to improve the situation of the patient, prescribed various medications, including antipsychotics and antidepressants.

The neurotransmitters affected by antipsychotic drugs, which contributes to the interaction of nerve endings. Currently being developed by huge number of of medicines. I believe that these drugs are accepted by the body better than their predecessors. More about neurology.

Treatment of depression the form quite effective, because each year, recovering more and more patients. However, it is recommended to take some pharmaceuticals in order to avoid future uncertainties. If the position of the patient remains unchanged, that another way healing is electroconvulsive therapy. When choosing the most effective medication with less side effects, the main role is played by the joint work of the doctor and the patient. Because psychotic depression is quite serious disease, and the risk of suicide attempts is also not low, this should be considered.

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