Pessimism or neurosis?

A resident asks:In General, the situation: I often seem to be very negative and sometimes terrifying scenarios. Example: Dating a girl, she has a child. Once I caught myself thinking how to develop our relationship if the child fell, crashed, died. The mother was put in the hospital: a thought in my head – how will I live if she dies, etc. will Clarify that the cause of the terrible consequences I can see not ourselves, but often the circumstances of the accident. Thoughts sometimes scare, I am aware of their nightmarish, but their appearance gets me to a standstill. What is it? the consequences of the disorder, mental health problems or excessive pessimism? Thank you in advance.Answer:Hello, “resident.” A positive Outlook, which often is presented in its further development will certainly in a negative direction, like a man with a certain temperament, if this was the case always. But if this quality has appeared recently, then you need to find out the cause of this change. We advise you to conduct psychometric testing of the features of your psycho-adaptive resources and character, the results of which will indicate the reasons, development mechanisms and ways of getting rid of this unwanted phenomenon.
The modern pace of life of urban residents often have a negative impact on their health. Every day an increasing number of people suffering from disorders and diseases of the nervous system. Today to fully protect themselves from stress is not possible, so it is important in the early stages to diagnose health deviations to the nervous system, to determine an effective treatment.

Experienced and qualified neurologist invariably uses only modern equipment and progressive methods of detection of disorders. Thanks to high-quality individual approach to patients has made possible the selection of personalized treatments. It can include a variety of treatments (manual therapy, Wellness massage) as well as medication, depending on the nature of the disease.

A competent specialist will provide the necessary assistance in the treatment of migraine, sciatica, problems with memory, speech and attention. Also a thing of the past, sleep disturbances, phobias, depression and panic attacks. Swift action allow the patients to regain the coveted health and peace of mind!

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