Milton Erickson: hypnosis of a lifetime

Few copywriters or bloggers do not know about the book Joe Vitale “Hypnotic advertising texts”. Have you read? Suppose not, but if you first hear not only about her but also about its author – it does not mean that you are not familiar with the basic ideas of this creation. So many bloggers raritat it in black (and white)! I think the most Vital it does not hurt. First, is not redundant (I also his PR, it turns out), and secondly, the most effective tips for copywriters is also a kind of rewriting. Rewriting the thoughts of Milton Erickson.So it was that I read books Vitale once fell in love with Erickson and his work, so took Joe as plagiatchika. Although, in fairness I have to say, Vitale just adapted the good ideas of the therapist under the Mercantile needs of her Majesty’s ads.

But back to Milton Erickson. Rarely people seem to me extraordinary, so I freak out, it’s hard to surprise me with something (for the same reason), but from the first publication of Erickson, which I read a long time ago, I began to consider him great. Yes, this is a Man who deserves to know about it all, well, at least very many. Listen to the story of his life? Sit back.

To see the sunset and die…

He was lying in bed in a draughty room and saw the window. It was in the back, but the head could not turn, in the body there was not one obedient muscles. How can this be? Behind the door came the muffled voices of the doctors. They talked with her, and he couldn’t make out their words. But finally napryachsiya hearing worsened, and the last phrase sounded loud and clear, “the Boy would not live till morning.”

In 17 years of Contracting polio and die… Scary, but think about it this really was neither the time nor the energy. Mother. How could they say such a thing mother! Milton was furious. After a few minutes she entered the room. Limp and lifeless. It is impossible to know that the son heard. It was difficult to speak, but the boy was able to squeeze out a request to move a chest of drawers with a mirror so you can see the window, and the sunset. The poor woman took it as a delirium of death, but rushed to fulfill a strange whim. Last request for her child… Finally, it happened. In the mirror helpfully reflected the doorway rustic window with blazing picture August sunset. Dying with greed and admired seems to be the most beautiful view in my life. So I wanted to draw that huge sky. Is this the last sunset? “No, hell no!” — overflowing with thoughts rage choked him. The sun disappeared, and Milton closed his eyes, lost for three days in unconsciousness…

The first thing he remembered after waking up was that picture. The sky and the sun… And why is there no fence? It is always seen from the window. For the first time, Milton Erickson thought about the fact that people can only see what he wants to see, not paying attention to small obstacles. Muscles still did not move, but the brain believed in the healing and thoughts of a young man escaped from immobilized body and rushed forward, where they can plan and act, something seeking. “I will not be able to work in the field, as a father. I’m the doctor,” this idea was born in his mind, too, that morning.

The months passed. In a poor family of farmers all had to work. Milton Erickson was a nurse — was watching his sister, who with the family stubbornness and tried to master the difficult job of bipedalism. Clinging to the walls of the crib, the baby was up, but unable to hold balance and fell. The elder brother looked at the desperate attempts of the sisters and repeated her instinctive movement. And lo and behold, the muscles slowly began to grow stronger. Very slowly, but started. Idiomotoric. The method of mental repose is impossible until movement. Many years later he would use it to treat their patients.

Then he will travel by kayak, though the feet is not going to learn to walk. Two years later, in slender and inflated the medical student no one will be able to learn yesterday of the disabled person. Front of him waiting for decades.

He will live eventful and joys of life. Develop a new method of hypnotherapy, which will be called alpha or Ericksonian hypnosis. His achievements will form the basis of such currently fashionable NLP (neuro linguistic programming). He has cured thousands of patients. And it will be a happy man. Eight children, more than two dozen grandchildren. Polio back in the fifties, but he will cope with it at this time and will only die at 78, 60 years after the ill-predictions of the doctors.

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