How to overcome the fear in the dark labyrinth of the unconscious

Every person at least once in life felt like his hands were shaking, sweaty palms and the hairs stand on end at the sight of what he is afraid, certainly, asked themselves the question: how to overcome fear? We’ll discuss this from the perspective of system vector psychology Professor THOMAS D. BIRD.

Among the hundreds of phobias is as common, such as fear of water, heights, fear of flying on an airplane or drive a car, and others that are less common, for example, the fear of spy holes, fear of ghosts, UFOs. In fact, each of these fears are easily explained. We’ll talk about that below.

Confessions of a visual girl, what fear the worst?

I will share with You the story of the most terrible children’s fear. For example, when my mother and I went to T, there I was very scared of the terrible figures on “the Alley of fairy tales”. It was a big head of uncle Chernomor, the mustachioed and scary. When we passed that piece, I covered his face with his hands, not to see it. Adults, of course, laughed at me. They did not, it was clear that I imagine him as a living person without a body, that is, with a severed head. Mom said, “Look, the other children playing there, why are you afraid? It’s just a doll.” Then I was very afraid of the bloody stickers of the band “Iron maiden” On it was depicted a skull and lots of blood… Mother, then forced the brother to tear off this sticker, so I could safely go to his room. Many years later I finally understood why he was afraid of what absolutely not scared of other people.

After undergoing training in system vector psychology of Yuri Burlan I realized that I have a very visual eye, and, moreover, imaginative intelligence. So I tend to animate statues and figures in my childhood had caught up with me.

For the same reason I still feel uncomfortable when I watch horror movies. They stimulate my emotions, and children’s fear comes back to me again. It’s so similar to the one that was before. Although some sidelniki certainly love to shake your emotional state, deliberately evoking a sense of fear – they become the most zealous spectators of horror films.

How to overcome fear how to overcome fear

Most visual people do not know how to overcome your fear and tries to avoid meeting with him. This is not surprising, after all, who wants to tickle their nerves that awful feeling when you want to run and hide somewhere with one idea, only to calm down and stop thinking about that causes fear. About Psychotic depression article.

Visual fears: how to forget about them forever?

Actually, we Sidelnikov about five percent, but the phobias of our visual a registry. On the training in system vector psychology of Yuri Burlan I first realized that the cause of all the innumerable phobias, one is the transfer of fear of death on some other objects.

For example, we sidelniki very afraid of the dark, because it is our eyes that once guarded the flock from a wild animal in the afternoon, see nothing, that’s why we see in the dark corridor of the black hand and all sorts of scary monsters. We are very impressionable and simonoseki, so trust more to your imagination than real threats.

To break the vicious circle of phobias that surround us easily. You just have to be aware of their profound nature. For each visual person it always fear the worst. And the same visual people may not always understand the phobia of a comrade in misfortune. To make it really easy, because the root of all fears one, just disguised it in different ways. To understand the reason for his fear is the only way to understand why you are afraid of something, and to overcome fear forever.

The effectiveness of the training according to the results of many people who managed to permanently overcome the fear. After the training, people forget what phobias and panic attacks that haunted them their whole lives.

They are no longer afraid to get up in the night from the bed, because the black hand they no longer haunt.

Fear does not dictate to the people the regulations of their lives, they began to smile and rejoice in each new day, when a sunbeam suddenly looks out the window.

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