How to get rid of fear

Fear is an important and necessary part of our life, of course, if we are not talking about phobias. At the same time, it is one of the strongest emotions inherent in man, is multifaceted and insidious as it has a tendency not only to protect us from reckless and risky actions, but to kill the opportunities potentially available to us. To get rid of this insidious companion sometimes is not easy, but possible.

Pathological fears, or phobias, are based on a psychological mechanism works contrary to common sense. The person may be afraid of being buried alive, fear of a cell phone. To get rid of the pathological fear can only help.

Fear is constructive, it is a completely reasonable, for example, fear of the dark, the pain, the height works for the salvation of man. Get rid of fears can be constructive, using psychological techniques, as described below.

In the context of this article we will talk about the fears, the nature of the phobia will not go into the wilds of psychoanalysis. We’ll talk about how to get rid of the fear factors throughout the life of each person. However, it is worth noting the fact that many common fears, for example, before the upcoming exams, performance in public, or associated with, any therapist will be viewed as a form of phobia, and will offer a much more detailed approach to the question of getting rid of him.

Cuses fear

The most common causes us to have fear, are: public performance, decision-making, expectation of punishment, expectation of pain, darkness, suspense, flights, travel, height.

To get rid of the fear at the root, it is hardly possible, however, absolutely unexpected techniques can help to overcome fear in varying degrees, in a particular case. In the movie “We bought a zoo” is a terrific recipe that will help you to get rid of fear, called “20 seconds of courage”. This method merely calls through to 20 seconds of their shame and insecurity, to do the act that you are so afraid – and too late to reap the rewards, no matter what they will be. You just did it. Point.

Pathological and psychological fears

Fear creates a cycle of processes at physiological and psychological levels. We begin to scroll thought about the negative outcome of the feared situation, thereby fueling his terror, giving rise to heightened anxiety, causing heart palpitations and high blood pressure. Abort the dialogue of the mind and the part of the brain responsible for fear, don’t let negative thoughts eat you up inside. Simply turning off the brain, you can get rid of fear.

To get rid of some fears will help their transformation into routine process through repeated repetition. Fear, in some cases, is one of the manifestations of insecurity. Bringing to an afterthought and excellence the procedure that you are so afraid you will get rid of self-doubt, and thus from fear. If you suffer from fear of speaking in public, you should hone the skill of the speaker, speaking in front of a mirror hundreds of times, if you are afraid to meet – set a goal to meet three people a day, and every day. Sooner or later the situation will lose a frightening, disturbing tone, it will become more routine, so familiar. And you will realize that you managed to get rid of tormenting you with fear, get rid of self-doubt.

To get rid of fear also will help you method of “taking the worst variant of development of events”. Mentally surviving the worst of the event, you are so afraid in all colors, you get rid of fear of him. After all, you already survived, albeit mentally, you realized that it was not fatal.

Are you afraid of the chief? Only one of his look leads you in horror and awe? To get rid of the fear of man can help visualization method. Of course, in this case we are not talking about the man in the mask and in a dark alley, it will help only a can of gas or something stronger. We are talking about the psychological pressure on you from your environment. Try to imagine this individual in ridiculous, absurd situations, imagine what you emanate waves of love and adoration in the form of pink hearts. Smile, obscurite it. His look just to confirm that you are on the right track and you can get rid of his overwhelming influence.

Be aggressive and you will be able to get rid of fear, whatever it was. Hate the source of your fear, emotionally the hatred is stronger than fear, painted in a more pronounced dominant color.

We wish you good luck in overcoming your fears, whatever method you used, as long as you started to do it. To get rid of them you will help your common sense, patience , and most importantly – confidence.

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