Healthy sleep

Deep refreshing healthy sleep is so typical for a healthy person, it is not necessary, it would seem, especially on this subject to stop, but health is now a rarity. The main factors disorders healthy sleep are mental and nervous disorders.

Healthy sleep :  “awake”

Sleep has always been considered the best means to restore mental and physical strength. But he must meet the necessary requirements. It is very important, first, to establish that the dream gives a sense of relaxation. After awakening, the person needs to feel fully “awake.” Sleep should occur in a timely manner and be consistent with the requirements of everyday life. Second, healthy human sleep needs to be quite deep, it should not violate the noises that are “normal” for the place where the sleeping man. Thirdly, the occurrence of sleep should not be accompanied by unpleasant sensations, such as depression, pain, nightmares, inner restlessness. But a lot of people suffering from disorders and sleep disorders: insomnia, somnambulism.

With regards to the treatment of disturbances of healthy sleep, this treatment should primarily be hygienic and to maintain a healthy lifestyle and regular sleep to create optimal conditions for sleep. With the aim to get rid of the noise stimuli is possible during sleep, use ear swabs from foam. It should also closely monitor air condition in the room where You sleep. The air is cool and fresh, not too dry.

Low or high head position and the consequent application of pillow you need to choose individually. In particular, in the case of frequent headaches, due to which sleep is interrupted, it is necessary to check whether the cause of these pains correct position of the head. In some cases, helps more than a high pillow. Thus, the assurance of scientists, our planet’s magnetic field strongly influences on sleep and sleep health. So if, for example, the head of the sleeping faces East, it will have a healthy sleep, as well as deep. Worst of all, if during sleep head facing North. In this case, according to scientists, the person will, most likely, the whole day, feel lethargic and depressed. So experts recommend to pick up a compass and check where is the bed.

So, you should understand the importance of healthy sleep for good functioning of the entire body, for good mood and well being, and to do everything possible and depend on yourself to achieve quality rest.

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