Fear of flying

Fear of flying or aerophobia can be a phobia in itself, but can be a combination of one or more phobias associated with flying in an airplane. Aerophobia can be a sign of fear of enclosed spaces, from which man cannot escape, fear of heights or fear of large crowds. It can be a manifestation of the fear of hijacking or terrorism, fear of turbulence or flying over water. Aerophobia in the first place is a symptom and not a disease. Phobia has received much attention from doctors. More than other phobias. The fact is that flights are very popular. Fear of flying may prevent a person to spend a holiday in other countries or to visit relatives and friends. This may prevent career if flights are needed for the workflow. Aerophobia appears in people in different ways. Some experience anxiety in the air, others arise from panic attacks at the mere sight or mention of aircraft.

Some believe that the media are the main cause of aerophobia. Literally every plane crash gets in the news, unlike, for example, car accidents. Since the total number of flights in the world is growing, the absolute number of accidents also increases, although the overall level of safety continues to increase. Statistics on different types of transport shows that planes are safer than other vehicles per km of road.

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