Emotions, nerves and health. Phobias, fears, insecurity, causes and treatment.

In the XX century there have been significant changes in the nature of morbidity and mortality structure of the population of economically developed countries. Against the background of a sharp reduction in epidemic diseases has considerably increased the specific weight of some chronic noncommunicable diseases. On the first place among the causes of mortality in the United States and Europe are now diseases of the cardiovascular system, the second of a malignant tumor.

Phobias, fears, insecurity. What is the reason for this?

At the present time more widely spread disorders of the nervous system that are dangerous not only in themselves, but also as one of the main reasons for the formation of diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, and malignant tumors.

Let us turn to the experiment. The Sukhumi medico-biological station of the Academy of medical Sciences said that some apes have high blood pressure. Scientists have wondered whether the cause of this nervous stimuli. Decided to play “neurogenic situation.” In the experimental monkeys had violated their way of life: it had a dark day, the bright light of the room in the dead of night, break the habitual diet were given to animals with food, at the same time giving to neighbors. All these experiments were done during several months. In the end, was caused by persistent anxiety. Some monkeys neurotic condition accompanied by elevated blood pressure, others have observed spasms of blood vessels of the heart, i.e. the signs of angina.

Needless to say on pouzitelnosti these experiments, about the useful conclusions that can be made. However, we are talking about experiments on animals and to feed the results of observations directly at people, obviously.

But other data, which indicate the harmful effect of strong nervous stimuli and people. It is known that after lifting the siege from besieged Leningrad by the Nazis among the residents of the city had discovered a very large number of hypertensive patients. One of the main reasons this outbreak hypertension consider to be the best long lasted negative emotions associated with danger.

It is also known that after the Ashgabat earthquake significantly increased incidence of hypertension, what you think is the result of a strong mental shock, which had to move to the city. Thus, in this example, we see the harmful effects of severe nervous shocks.

The normal function of the nervous system can be broken under the influence of factors directly acting on the human psyche (spiritual experiences, the roughness of the treatment, severe mental strain, etc.). Can play a negative role and also some adverse living conditions.

In the capitalist countries the system of government, of work and life of workers permanently injure the mentality of the population: the sweatshop system of production, exploitation, unemployment and the threat of unemployment, a war psychosis. Everywhere in the bourgeois States dramatically increases the incidence of nervous, mental and cardiovascular diseases. In the US, for example, every sixteenth person suffers from an acute mental disorder, more than 50% of hospital beds in the country occupied by crazy patients.

The socialist system of our country free from those factors which can injure the human psyche in capitalist States.

The more unacceptable that we still did not get rid of some habits that can disrupt the normal activity of the neuro-psychic sphere and thereby contribute to some chronic diseases, in particular diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the form of address with each other. It is no secret that in this area we often dominated by rudeness, which is not only incompatible with the requirements of the moral code of the builders of communism, but also causes serious harm to health of the population. A harsh word hurts! A sharp conversation at work. Contemptuous shout in the street. Broke out suddenly on the most trifling occasion, a quarrel in the store, in the tram. Insulting inattention to the visitor, who came with some business in the institution. All these phenomena are equally detrimental to the nerves of the affected person.

So, roughness is very detrimental to health. But, perhaps, it is unavoidable necessary for the good of the cause? Because the work requires great stress, worry, anxiety. It is not always possible to avoid conflicts, sometimes very serious. But equivalent if all this rudeness, sharpness in circulation? It would be imprecise and even wrong to say that all the excitement is harmful. Yes, there are types and forms of excitement, which may contribute to the development of the disease. The disease can occur when long and systematically withheld or frequently repeated any strong unpleasant arousal, negative emotion. For example, a housing conflict. In this case, in the cortex there is a strong harmful hotbed of excitement, which could adversely affect body function. All the new stimuli that increase arousal in the hearth, is definitely harmful. On the contrary, the stimuli of another nature can benefit. Passion for work, an interesting book, entertaining motion picture too cause excitement, but that excitement would be only useful. People diverted from their unpleasant feelings, forget about them.

Harassed, oppressed, not all the excitement. Most harmful of excitement fruitless, futile. People worried over trifles, take offence at any comment that is rude to others. Here such-it is not caused by actual necessity, undue excitement need to get rid of, you have to toughen up. Yes, it was a good experience, the term is used here not accidentally. Improvement it can give any body, any system, including the nervous. Take, for example, training astronauts to stay alone. Can happen safely withstand hard portable long stay in absolute silence.

The best coach is your own consciousness. The desire to be calm, balanced, mellow. Eastern proverb says: “a Big river flowing quietly, the big man will not raise voices.” Self-education is just as possible as it is necessary. It is useful to analyze their mood and behaviors to look for and evaluate the cause of your bad mood.

It can often be beneficial to switch. If you feel that you start to worry, try, if possible, to get away from the source of the excitement, engage in any other business, address to another of interest to you, enjoyable for you to do. If this can’t be done, just try to think about something else, to try to create a new, distracting the focus of excitation in the cerebral cortex.

Important in all this depends on us, from each of us. But not a small role in the fight for the protection of nerve health belongs to public organizations. Our companies are thoroughly investigated each case of physical injury. But rarely no one pays attention to the injury of the nerve, but its to investigate and, most importantly, to warn it is necessary.

In the old days used to say: “healthy body, healthy mind”. That is correct, but it is no less true that if you have a sick spirit and body. So, we will fight for the health of spirit and body health.

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