Doctors do not advise to retrain left-handers

“Our left-handed child” say the parents noticing their child preferential use of the left hand when writing, which becomes noticeable is usually to four or five years of a child’s life, although manifested at an earlier age.

But what happens before that? And the fact that everything in our world created for the convenience of the right hand. In families where parents write with the right hand, even can not see the left-handedness of the child, ignoring (subconsciously) all sorts of signs. For example, the kid reaches for the toy with the left hand. Faster notice features letters from their children families with hereditary left-handedness and begin to retrain them from this “disease”.

But whether this is so. Is left-handedness a disease? Unequivocally – no! Left – handedness when a person is observed the predominant use of the left hand to perform everyday activities, due to a genetically determined dominance of the right hemisphere (right-handers – left). The left hemisphere is “responsible” for the speech, and the right for creative, sensitive, visual-spatial perception and intuition. Right-handers have more developed logical thinking, and lefties have a well developed imagination. Many highly gifted people are left-handed. Many of them become talented artists, musicians or actors.

The presence of left-handedness in a child can be easily checked even at home. For example, ask your child to cross my arms. Left-handers left hand will be on top. After the determination of left-handedness, ask a question – is it possible to retrain left-handed children?

It turns out that there is. Attempt training the child faces a variety of mental disorders because of the discomfort that the child feels under pressure from parents and teachers. This discomfort of left-handed children may lead to various types of neurosis. For example, asthenic neurosis manifested by increased fatigue, rapid exhaustion of the nervous system, a sharp decline in health. Children suffering from asthenic neurosis it’s always difficult writing task, a vague handwriting letters of different sizes and different tilt without observing the lines. Boys asthenic neurosis leads to disinhibition and restlessness, and girls have to low mood and tearfulness. But it is worth noting that lefties are gifted, they are good to do business, for example: courier services, service stations and so on.

Have left-handed children usually appear school fears due to high demands on teachers and lower grades for poor quality written work. Often can start neurotic enuresis, what causes fear and guilt. During transition from left-handed children may appear neurotic stuttering, which will increase after each writing task performed with the right hand. This condition can be combined with neurotic tics, which manifest in the form of licking lips, namasivaya forehead, etc., can lead to sharp observations of parents and teachers, taking these actions for panichiste.

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