Let’s fast forward to the period when there were no cell phones, about 10-15 years ago. A time when even the home not everyone was lit, the phone miraculously. And only on the main streets stood a phone booth. Rare heritage the telephone was affected not only by the transmission speed of news and events. But even the speed of our lives had a lower intensity. To see even how the were preparing for the date. A guy or more she could spend the whole day tied to the phone, after waiting for the call and so it never came. This precious time that has been lost, never to return, whether business today. A mobile phone is for everyone, and then two. And information transmitted by telephone, distributed among the people faster than the speed of light. So people who witnessed the amazing events happening even in the jungle, even in the desert, while being on one continent of the earth, can transmit this information at a rate of 10 seconds( dial) in any place other continent.

According to the law of conservation of energy: if you have arrived somewhere, somewhere departed. Nothing goes unnoticed. With the advent of the ease of use of mobile phones, began to emerge an urgent need during their absence. Take the example of even yourself. What You have experienced feelings when the mobile phone stayed at home or was lost. With rare exception, someone will say “Great! Super ! Me who does not get!”. Basically, we all are somehow tied to this toy. Now, to stay without a phone is like walking into another country without documents and in a swimsuit you can see everything, but will not be able to participate. The relatives will call you a taxi will not be called to the pharmacy again. The banal situation is encountered almost every day in every corner of the planet: shut down comrade in the police for drinking alcohol in public places. Only sound is the magic key of salvation from the upcoming holidays. And the phrase “I Love you”, “Kiss”, “Hello”, “Bye”. All led to the fact that the Central nervous system once again became a hostage to the progress of the 21st century. This next example.

“Trauma from repetitive effort” that was formed diagnosis in regular users of mobile phones, to communicate SMS-kami. In the UK after the introduction of the Smoking ban the number of SMS on mobile phones on the following day increased by 8 million. It all depends on the time duration of receiving text messages. If the reply text receive immediately, in the CNS the amount of endorphins increases dramatically, indicating the request. Endorphin substance, which gives us a good mood and stands out, often while laughing. The answer comes immediately, but after an hour, takes almost 50% of memory space, displacing from there the totality of all that is usual daily routine. Some may even fall into a depression, there’s no answer to put text.

Everything is good in moderation. And the versatility of the Central nervous system provides a high adaptation to events and ease in changeability of mood. So a little rest at least 30 minutes throughout the day, ensures the correct and safe performance of the CNS.

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