Based on what the fear of sex?

Women’s fear of sexual relations has long been reflected in countless jokes on the subject that talks about the widespread popularity of the problem, fear of sex. However, the majority of ladies find it difficult to explain the reason for experiencing fear of making love. The essence of this phobia may be hiding in a completely different reasons, thus in most cases, greatly upsetting healthy romantic relationship as a couple. But probably the most common factors affecting the occurrence of the problem are different kinds of psychological biases or contradictions.

Consider some of the most common reasons resulting in the development of fear of intimate sexual life:

Quite often you can meet women with a completely wrong and unhealthy subconscious judgment about sex, how about some indecent, dirty and nasty phenomenon. This problem is rooted in childhood and is largely formed through specific education, instilling a dislike for sexual intercourse. In addition, bad first experience of intimacy can also become the reason of origin of such associations. In order to get rid of this problem, we should analyze its own internal state and try to completely revise its attitude to some things. An indispensable role in resolving this issue can play a understanding, sensitive partner.


Rough sexual partner, constantly hinting the woman about her failure in intimate terms, degrading and regularly mocks her over as a sex object, maybe with a slight filing to make it and to grow to incredible sizes serious complex that is associated with the intimate side of the issue. Besides, the man who is constantly cheating on his woman, and stares at the other girls can also give their beloved a feeling of deep despair, which may further lead to her complete rejection of intimacy with other men, just to avoid the “shame” in sex. It is a very sad fact, however, it exists. In any case can not spend themselves and their feelings for the man who will never appreciate, will constantly insult your dignity, and humiliate you as a woman.

Sometimes it happens so that for some long time woman trying to get the location of her favorite men. In the process of getting regular failures on his part, it begins to install that it is necessary to nobody, and which nobody wants. Of course, this is a huge misconception, but it can sit tight in the head and cause a lot of suffering its owner.

Along with a variety of psychological biases, one of the reasons of failure of women from sexual relations may be based on the commonplace pain experienced in the course of sexual intercourse. This problem may be the result of damage to internal tissues, and the presence of latent genital infection, therefore, the manifestation of the first symptoms, should immediately consult a doctor. If health is all right, try to discuss this problem with his sexual partner. You may want to change a habitual posture or to pay more attention to the intimate caress, to arouse passion and to feel more acute arousal.

In any case, do not be afraid and do not hesitate to discuss their problems with her lover. A real loving man that will always understand and support you in a similar situation, will try to do everything in order to solve this problem.

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