One of the most common mental illnesses – autism. It can manifest itself in strange behavior in the society, insularity, echolalia (man repeats the name of the object, not knowing and not understanding it), etc.

Autism varies in degree of manifestation, it is light, medium and heavy. Most often autism appears from birth. Mild autism can generally not be ignored, because it is more like a child’s depression, moderate and severe is similar, but in severe degrees of autism the human brain is almost never performs an assigned function (in humans is sometimes lost control of her body, insensible speech, a glazed stare). Yes, the game logic will not help here, despite their importance in the development of the child.

The person with autism may experience acute sensitivity. It is not advisable to walk barefoot, to see bright objects. Autistic people can suddenly start to shout instead of talking. They can begin to bring to the eyes items below to see them. The behavior of the autistic are actually unpredictable.

Autism is not developed yet, there should be regular surveys and consultation with a specialized doctor.

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