And what are you afraid of phobias and fears?

Each person pursuing any fears. Fearless people do not exist, people might not know about their fears. They accompany us through life, we can fight them or accept. It should be remembered that fear is a natural reaction to possible danger. But if fear becomes a figment of the imagination, then it becomes a phobia.

The fear of losing

There are many fears, and they are not easy to understand. Many scientists have made a classification of fears, after which he identified 8 main types. The first group is the fear of closed spaces, that is claustrophobia. There is also the opposite phenomenon. A severe form of this disease leads to the fact that the man is locked in his apartment and is afraid to go outside. It is a fear of open spaces, and he would rather starve than go out on the street. The second group refers to social phobia – fears that are associated with public life. Social phobia refers to the fear of public speaking, fear of disgrace before the public. And those fears are pretty much ordinary people they seem ridiculous, and for the media fears they may be even fatal.

The fear of losing

The fear of losing a loved one can lead to madness. As the carrier of that fear is a very jealous, insane, cautiously applies to all actions of the object of his love. If such a person will leave a loved one, it may simply commit suicide. Behind this fear lies just a person’s insecurity in their abilities and low self-esteem. Such problems can also occur due to bad relationship experiences in the past. To cope with this fear, you just need to raise your self-esteem. You can do this on their own or turning to a psychologist.

There are nosophobia fears of Contracting something, thanatophobia – fear of death, various sexual fears. The sixth group includes fear of harm to themselves or loved ones. The seventh group “contrast” phobia is when an intelligent person is afraid to speak in society obscene word. The eighth group is phobias, or fears afraid of anything.

This is a traditional classification of fears. But year after year they become more and more people, so the scientists produced a study of what people fear in our time. One of the fears is the fear of flying. It is present in many people. And all people are afraid of different things: some are afraid to break, others to lose self-control and panic, the third – hijacking terrorists. There was this fear in people because of frequent messages about the crash, and after September 11, when planes were blown up the twin towers in new York. However, the crash occurs much less frequently than, for example, a car accident. Despite this, every year an increasing number of those people who are afraid of flying a plane.

A considerable number of people are afraid of terrorist attacks. This fear arose in humans after numerous manifestations of terrorism in different parts of the world. The whole world shook a dreadful terrorist act at the theater center on Dubrovka. The attacks are made in homes, trains, theaters, metro, in places where the number of victims will be higher. People no longer feel protected. A person who suffers from such a fear, afraid to leave home to go to work on public transport or walking in busy areas.

There is also the fear before militia. People who are supposed to protect us, to fear round the clock. Even the gangsters are afraid only at night.

When a person has a fear of something or a phobia, he ceases to lead a normal lifestyle. He is constantly in tension and the suspicion that something is going to happen. If a person does not get rid of the fear, he just might go crazy. You just need to throw all these fears, freed from the gloomy thoughts. You can do it with help or on their own. You just need to keep myself busy, find a hobby that would distract you from negative thoughts. You just need to enjoy life. If you’re constantly afraid, when you will live happily ever after? You just need to gather my willpower and show it to the world. Show that you are not afraid of anything, and that you will not be able to break down no trouble. Give the world a smile and then he will smile to you in response.

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